Plaza Report: March 11, 4:58 PM

Here’s the plaza on Sunday afternoon. It looks empty, but it wasn’t completely deserted: Three cute little kids were skateboarding on the western side (behind me). You’ll have to take my word for it.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

13 thoughts on “Plaza Report: March 11, 4:58 PM”

  1. Just had a thought, not that it isn’t pretty and all, but why couldn’t they have kept 12th as it was, closing it regularly for special events, such as folkfest, farmer’s market, whatever else? Still could have converted to two-way, moved transit hub.

    Your photo makes me see a wasted street rather than a valuable public space.

  2. It’s full of water. Do you expect people to be playing in freezing water in March?

  3. Well, somebody must expect that, Moon Daddy. Why else would it be closed to traffic at all times?

  4. Have to stop thinking about this space as a street. Get over it. It’s now a plaza. We (citizenry/City) need to adopt it as such and go from there. Plan some shit to take place in the space. People will use it, but they need a reason. I am not going to go spend my afternoon standing around in an empty parking lot.

  5. Hey, isn’t a bicycle considered a vehicle in this province? Does that mean this fellow is disobeying the law?

  6. If you would have taken a picture two years ago, you might have captured a couple of cars, and maybe a city bus. What does it look like on a Wednesday at noon hour? Rather than bemoan the efforts of the city to take a risk and make some innovative changes, why don’t you suggest ways to make it better? Currently, the buildings there do not offer any opportunity for the urban utopia you are envisioning. Suggest some ways to improve the area. Last I checked, none of the businesses in the area are even open on Sunday. If prairie dog can only offer negative commments on downtown developement, what chance is there in convincing less urban aware community members to come downtown?

  7. Gee, anon#6, how does “open the plaza to traffic” and “get moving on implementing the Downtown Neighbourhood Plan” not count as some suggestions on how to make the plaza a better place? How about, “protect heritage properties like the Gordon Block which Harvard wants to tear down”? We’ve been pitching lots of ideas for the downtown. And we’ve been participating in and commenting on all the public consultations.

    Saying all we offer are negative comments is silly.

  8. I think you guys should stop judging the plaza before it’s even seen a proper summer being open.

  9. Conversely, maybe we should follow through with the original plan for the plaza before saying it can never work.

  10. So much activity!
    It would have helped if the City hadn’t given tickets to the only people willing to occupy a barren lifeless concrete village with metal trees.

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