Plaza Lights Erected

Unless you count thickets of rebar upturned from the digging as architecture, the first pieces of vertical construction have been set up on the 12th Ave Plaza. Three of the cylindrical light standards that will run along Scarth and the south edge of the plaza appeared while I was in a writers’ meeting this afternoon. You can seem them at left.

This is an encouraging sign. So far, despite promises from city hall that things are progressing adequately, all that’s been apparent on this project is a whole lot of crater making.

I imagine many will take heart to see some indication of what the plaza will eventually look like popping up.

Still, is it just me, or do these thing look an awful lot like a lightsabers?

(Below are a few more pics of the plaza project. Click to embiggen!)

Author: Paul Dechene

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10 thoughts on “Plaza Lights Erected”

  1. I know you guys have “cleaned up your act” and don’t “chase” crazy “leftwing” “conspiracies” anymore, but if 12th does not re-open, you should really look into to the possibility that it’s all by design, to help bankrupt the Novia and others in that Cornwall and 12th block so as to remove obstacle when they want to tear it down in 2015 to build the 4th tower.

    It’s funny how a “conspiracy” can sound like perfectly sound business strategy.

  2. Manganese: I guarantee this is not a conspiracy against the Novia and the other buildings on that block. If there are evil schemes to build a fourth Hill tower along that stretch they could be brought to fruition without destroying that road. The problem is unexpected delays; the area under the street was a mess of undocumented and mis-documented wires, pipes and other infrastructure. It’s a huge headache for everyone and no one is happy about it. That’s the facts Jack.

    “I know you guys have “cleaned up your act” and don’t “chase” crazy “leftwing” “conspiracies” anymore…” Zuh whaaaaa?

  3. Yeah – very doubtful of conspiracies. Though I am quite certain that is the intention in the future for this block (not sure if it will be near or far future though).

  4. Well, I guess we’ll see if they lay a temporary surface, or keep the fences up. Chasing them out of business looks way better than evicting them.

  5. I walked by today and they’ve erected a way less obstructive fence, methinks, in preparation for a long winter along 12th with no traffic. It’s about 3-4 feet high and see-thru. I’m sure one day, we’ll be nostalgic for dead 12th.

  6. Two more points:

    1.) Manganese: I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the end-game for the plaza plan includes a new Hill tower but I have no evidence that’s the case. (Actually I’d be surprised if that wasn’t the plan.) All I’m saying is, the construction delays aren’t part of a conspiracy.

    2.) Barb: the Novia’s breakfast is better than its lunch. It’s a really good basic breakfast. But the lunch is decent, too: they have a good veggie burger and great fries. Coffee is just standard, though.

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