JupiterI didn’t find out about this until late yesterday, but apparently there’s a rare opportunity in the next few weeks to see all seven planets during the course of a single evening.

You can read more about the “solar system marathon” here.┬áBut it starts shortly after sunset with Mercury, Mars and Jupiter (pictured) being visible. Mercury is always very close to the Sun, so it will only be visible for a short time after sunset low in the northwest. Jupiter will be slightly higher in the western sky, and Mars will be more to the south.

Shortly after the Sun has set Saturn will rise in southeast along with the Moon which is now one day past being full. Then an hour or so before sunrise, which happens around 5:08 a.m. tomorrow morning, Venus rises in the eastern sky. Neptune and Uranus will also be visible in that part of the night sky, but to see them you’ll need binoculars. All the other planets will be visible to the naked eye.