After much consideration, the Editorial Staff*of Saskatoon’s Planet S Magazine has decided to place its support firmly with the Boston Bruins. The Stanley Cup finals start tonight, thus the timely announcement out of Saskatoon this morning.

Two long nights of discussions with some kind of board was suggested. Unfortunately, everyone is really busy at this time of the year so participation was limited. Under my watchful eye however, the merits of the Bruins and the Canucks were debated and it was determined that the magazine would throw its support behind the boys from Beantown.

Among the determining factors were Canadian content, proximity to cities where Bobby Orr played and uniforms (broken into categories including colour combination, intimidation value and alphabetical order). Using these criteria the Bruins became the obvious choice.

Alt-Magazines have a long history of supporting sports teams in league championships and this reaffirms Planet S Magazine’s commitment to the tradition.

Bruins in 6!

*Editorial Staff was unavailable for the selection process.