The other day, the lady and I were messing around with a Trivial Pursuit set from 1984. (You need to specify whether you’re talking about East or West Germany in your answers, a fun thing to have to remember.)

One of the questions asked was, “What was the number one song in the U.S. when man first landed on the Moon?” Neither of us had any clue. Apparently, it was Zager and Evans’ “In the Year 2525”.

I don’t think I’m spoiling too much here when I say the Moon landing is a plot point in the time-travelling Men in Black III. The question I’ve got out of all these disparate details? What would Zager and Evans think of Pitbull’s theme to the new Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones/Josh Brolin flick if you played it for them back in the 1960s?

The musical duo didn’t have a whole lot of hope for the future. I’m not sure if Pitbull’s song, which minus the dubstep breakdown I would place as the second best Men in Black theme, would help ease their anxieties or aggravate them.