Pick of the Day: World Junior Hockey Championship

Canada’s playing today, although not in the game that most Canadian hockey fans were hoping/expecting them to play in. That would be the Gold medal game which goes tonight on TSN at 7 p.m., and features Russia against Sweden.

Following their 6-5 loss to Russia in the semi-final on Jan. 3, Canada will play Finland in the Bronze medal game (TSN, 2 p.m.)

It’s the first time in 11 years, apparently, that Canada hasn’t played in the Gold medal game. And it also marks the third year in a row, after a stretch of five consecutive Gold medal triumphs, where Canada has not won the tournament. Considering that two of those tournaments were held on home soil (or ice, if you prefer), and the third was held in the Canuck-friendly border city of Buffalo, is it time for a rethink by Hockey Canada on what we need to do to ice a winning team?

Author: Gregory Beatty

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3 thoughts on “Pick of the Day: World Junior Hockey Championship”

  1. Funny how this goes, we win a string where it almost seems like there’s no comp and we’ll win every year no question, then suddenly we hit a losing streak. Oh well. We still have Harper, and their Putin is under assault. CA-NA-DA! CA-NA-DA!

  2. There’s an excellent piece on this very subject at adrenalinereginasports.com, headlined Woe Canada.

  3. Bronze — yecch!!
    Can we throw those medals back, like Cubs fans do when an opponent hits a home run at Wrigley?

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