Pick of the Day: Woodrow Lloyd Lecture

When we discuss health care in Canada, we typically focus on nuts and bolts issues tied to funding and provision of services. That’s certainly relevant to what Margaret Somerville (pictured), the founding director of the McGill Centre for Medicine, Ethics & the Law, will be discussing tonight, but her talk falls into more of a philosophical area.

Taking and Making Human Life: Has Healthcare Replaced Religion? is the title. Here’s a brief synopsis from the University of Regina website:

Humans used to form shared values largely through a shared religion. No longer possible in secular and multicultural Western democracies, healthcare has become a major values formation forum, as our dominant concerns shift from the health and longevity of our souls to the health and longevity of our bodies. We now seek ‘medical miracles’ and ‘immortality’, or at least greatly extended life spans, and we seek control, through the use of new technoscience, over the two great events in human life: birth and death. Through an examination of the legal and ethical implications of assisted human reproductive technologies (birth) and euthanasia (death), Somerville will explore the conflict between what individuals want and society requires.

The Woodrow Lloyd Lecture goes tonight at RIC 119 (the Lab Building Addition) at 7:30 p.m. For more info call 585-4226.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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4 thoughts on “Pick of the Day: Woodrow Lloyd Lecture”

  1. To be clear to everyone, I never suggested Dr. Somerville shouldn’t be permitted to speak (of course she should)- just that her views that gay people are equal to heterosexual folks, except, um, not when it comes to marriage, sound an awful lot like “I’m not racist, but…” and that the university can do much better in terms of speakers who can help society become more accepting of difference.

  2. In advance of the lecture tonight there will be an event at the university to promote awareness of a contentious stance that Ms. Somerville has taken with regard to same-sex marriage. Here’s the details:

    Contextualizing the Opinions of Dr. Margaret Somerville: Facts About Same-Sex Marriage
    Thursday, February 16th, 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
    Classroom Building – Room 130, University of Regina

    3:00 p.m. – Welcome and Introduction – Jon Petrychyn, UR Pride Board Chair
    3:15 p.m. – The Pros of Same-Sex Marriage – Dr. James McNinch, Dean of the Faculty of Education
    4:00 p.m. – Planning Actions: How to Resist

    Everyone welcome. Snacks and coffee will be provided.

    This event is being organized by the UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity, the U of R Women’s Centre, and the Regina Public Interest Research Group as a response to the 2012 Woodrow Lloyd Lecture. The title of this year’s lecture, given by Dr. Margaret Somerville, is Taking and Making Human Life: Has Healthcare Replaced Religion? On the topic of same-sex marriage, Somerville has written that she does “not believe that we should change the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples,” and that children should have the right to be raised by their biological parents. We respectfully disagree. We also hope that you will join us to learn more about these important issues of equality.

  3. Religion: lies to people, preys on their weaknesses in times of need, asks for money to feed worse-than-useless hierarchies of men (and some women) who think of more ways to befuddled the masses.

    Healthcare: works to make people, urm, healthy.

    Let us hope that healthcare *does* replace religion, just as democracy has replaced slavery.

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