Pick Of The Day: What Would Judas Do?

As I observed in my 14 Days Top Six blurb in our Oct. 31 issue, the title of this comedic monologue by Brit Stewart Lee seems designed to mock hardcore Christians by riffing on their semi-inane motto for moral guidance What Would Jesus Do? But apparently it’s a rather thoughtful and moving take on what it would be like to hang with the Son of God as a disciple.

This production is being presented by Golden Apple Theatre and stars Kenn McLeod in the title role. The performance runs at Artesian on 13th from Nov. 12-16 with shows each night at 8 p.m. Tickets areĀ Adults $35, and Students $25.

I couldn’t find any video clips of previous productions of WWJ(udas)D?, so to close here’s video of Judas Priest performing “You Got Another Thing Comin'” from a 2013 concert DVD:


Author: Gregory Beatty

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6 thoughts on “Pick Of The Day: What Would Judas Do?”

  1. Well, I dunno if it’s necessarily semi-inane by definition, but it always seems to me that an awful lot of those who use the slogan don’t actually consider the question seriously. For instance, for your typical televangelist the answer seems to me to be “He’d whip you out of the temple, you money-changing hypocrite.”
    For that matter, it’s not always a useful question. What would Jesus do about lots of hungry people? Well, He’d miraculously provide a ton of food to feed them with. Not an option most of us have.

  2. PLG: I agree completely with your arguments, which show more thought than the original post, to say the least.
    WWJD was probably meant as a zippy-cool shorthand reminder to Christians about how to comport themselves. Certainly one of the things Jesus did was teach, through parables and the Sermon on the Mount, as well as by example, what that comportment should be. In those teachings lie the options that are within our abilities.
    Slogans are no substitute for reading and internalizing one’s scriptures, and living one’s life by them as much as possible. Quickie declarations of “faith”, such as “Honk if you love Jesus” , or Facebook likes (“99% of you won’t care”) are complete bullshit. A good response to a “like” request is to comment “Matthew 7:21”, which should remind the shallow thinkers that talk is cheap.

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