If you happened to see the 14 Days Top Six in the March 21 issue you’ll perhaps recall that my first enounter with this band came via a review copy of a concert DVD that arrived at our office in January 2012. I’d never heard of Volbeat before, but the DVD cover looked kind of cool, and after it sat around for a week or so I decided to take it home and give it a listen.

I have a smallish flat screen TV with a pretty decent sound system and a space with good acoustics, and neighbours who either aren’t home a lot in the evening or don’t mind if I crank it up a bit as long as it’s not too loud and I don’t go past 11 p.m., so when I watch a concert DVD I can kind of recreate the sonic environment. To further simulate a concert experience, I usually have a belt and whatnot.

Right from the get-go I was impressed with Volbeat.  They’re a hard rock bordering on metal but with traces of rockabilly trio from Denmark, and they were doing a stadium show in Copenhagen. They typically tour with a lead guitarist, and during this particular concert they were joined by four or five guest musicians and vocalists.

They impressed me sufficiently that I did a post on the DVD. And in the last year or so, if the Wolf playlist is any measure, their popularity has risen considerably. Saturday night they’ll take the stage for a mini-arena show at Brandt Centre. You can rest assured that they will deliver the goods. Not sure about the back-up act Danko Jones though.

To play us out here’s video from the DVD of Volbeat performing “Mary Ann’s Place” with guest vocals courtesy of Pernille Rosendahl: