Cineplex Odeon has been pushing their pro-digital propaganda hard. My least favourite example is their animation that plays before trailers, a progression of airships from rickety plane to star-cruising spaceship flying out to some Cineplex Odeon nebula in space.A making-of featurette in the pre-show with interviews from the animators confirms they’re pushing the idea of progress in theatre technology. No one says if we’re breaking through the atmosphere with our current movie theatres, but considering 3D, 48 FPS and all digital projectors are the most recent developments, I doubt it.

One benefit of all this digital business, though, is that it’s really easy for their theatres to show their monthly classic movies. Often, you sit through 10 minutes of someone telling you how great the digital restoration you’re about to watch is, and then you get a great movie.

This month, it’s Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Seeing a print of this would obviously be superior, but the digital restorations are still the real deal. Seeing this movie, Hitchcock’s most carefully considered when it comes to colour, on a big, bright screen is essential, so head over to the Galaxy at 7 p.m. to check it out.

If you can’t make it out this time, next month is Jaws. Hell yes.