The Vertigo Reading Series has been around for a few years now. It’s bounced around a bit. One year it was at Aegean Coffeehouse, I believe. Another year it was at the now defunct Crushed Grape in the Cathedral area. For 2011-12 it has a new home at Crave Kitchen + Wine Bar in downtown Regina.

If you check our Sept. 22 print edition you’ll find a short interview I did with Tara Dawn Solheim (pictured). Along with Jarrett Rusnak, she’s coordinating the series this year. The plan is to expand the scope somewhat by featuring some spoken word and music in addition to traditional literary genres like poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Tonight’s line-up includes Wes Funk and Jaqueline Moore (Saskatoon) and C.R. Avery (Vancouver). If you’re a regular at the Regina Folk Festival, you’ll perhaps remember Avery as a member of spoken word trio Tons of Fun University.

Following tonight’s show, which gets going at 7:30 p.m., the next installment of Vertigo will be on Nov. 8. Special guest that night will be Ian Ferrier of Montreal.

To close, here’s video of TOFU performing “Static”.