Pick of the Day: Trial of Louis Riel

As you’ve doubtlessly heard at some point this year, 2010 marks the 125th anniversary of the Northwest Resistance/Rebellion. Most of the action in that conflict, which pitted Canadian forces dispatched by Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald from central Canada to battle a motley group of First Nations and Metis frustrated with their indifferent treatment at the hands of the government, occured in the northwest corner of the province near the Battlefords.

Once the fighting was over, though, the leaders of the resistance, including Louis Riel, were transported to Regina for trial. After being found guilty of treason (archival photo above) Riel was hung on Nov. 16, 1885.

Even today, Riel is a polarizing figure. For 44 years now, a local theatre company has produced a play each summer based on trial transcripts. Tonight at the Performing Arts Centre at 7:30 p.m. there will be a special commemorative performance that will acknowledge all the actors who have played Riel over that time. For ticket prices and other information call 779-2277.

Musicwise tonight, The Details are at O’Hanlon’s Pub with Wool On Wolves. And tomorrow night, The Bystanders have an EP Release at the Exchange. Also playing that night are Chad Kichula and Black Drink Crier.

To close, here’s video from a few years ago of The Details doing their song “Assassins”.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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