Vertigo Reading Series typically goes once a month or so at Crave Restaurant + Wine Bar on Victoria Ave. in downtown Regina. Monday’s gathering is special, though. According to organizer Tara Solheim, it will be part of a national celebration of the 100th anniversary of iconic Canadian poet Irving Layton’s birth. That’s Layton pictured at left.

Born in Romania in 1912, Layton lived most of his life in Montreal, and in his work as a poet and essayist was a shit-disturber par excellance who fought tirelessly against the forces of Puritanism in Catholic Quebec and Canada as a whole. You can read more about him here.   

Readers and performers who will take the stage tomorrow night at Crave (7:30 p.m. start) include three-time National Poetry Slam Finalist Christian Drake (who’s from Connecticutt), Regina poet gillian harding-russell, multi-disciplinary writer Allison Kydd, and local spoken word artist Shayna Stock. Live music will be provided by InfoRed (The Local Onlyz) and Thomas Roussin (Nancy Ray-Guns).