Predator and prey is a common relationship found in the natural world. It’s also one that lends itself quite handily to ideological appropriation as a metaphor for capitalism.  But its not the only type of interaction that exists between animals, plants and other lifeforms on Earth. Symbionts, for instance, are organisms that engage in mutually beneficial behaviour that permits both to survive.

Guest-curated by Marsha Kennedy, and featuring work by three artists — Monique Blom, Tamara Rusnak and Stacia Verigin — this exhibition (which is on display at the Art Gallery of Regina until March 6) would appear to explore that dynamic.  In the show, the artists use materials drawn from the natural world like soil, sawdust, beeswax and twigs that stimulate not just the eye, but also our sense of touch and smell.

Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. there’s a reception for The Wayward Symbionts at the gallery which includes a walkabout where the artists discuss their work. For more info call 522-5940.