Okay guys, now that most of the female readers of Dog Blog have hopefully moved on to other posts I can tell you about the amazing Valentine’s Day opportunity that’s presenting itself tomorrow. Let’s face it, in Regina Valentine’s Day isn’t always an easy thing to pull off. Yeah, you can always go for dinner and whatnot… but to really make the day special, the ideal is to be able to do something REALLY romantic.

For some women it might well be an event like Copious Whining About The End Of Football Season Along With Excited Chatter About NHL Hockey. But most, I suspect, would probably prefer something with a heathly dose of elegance and sophistication. Dianna Krall is in concert at Conexus Arts Centre tomorrow night. (7:30 p.m., $68.50-$96). It doesn’t get any more elegant and sophisticated and outright ROMANTIC than that. So assuming you haven’t already made plans, that’s what I suggest.

To whet your appetite here’s video of Krall performing “Look Of Love” from a 2001 concert in Paris: