Drums (courtesy of Tristan Helgason), bass (courtesy of Liam Bryant) and vocals (courtesy of both Tristan and Liam). That pretty much sums up Molten Lava. A couple of years ago, they released the full-length Sevens & Nines. Since then, they’ve played infrequently together due to various circumstances. Although they did tour large chunks of the U.S. and Canada with fellow Reginan Val Halla.

Wednesday night Molten Lava is playing a show at the Exchange to celebrate the release of their new CD Heavy Party.  Alo on the bill are Reform Party, Suckerpunch Phyllis and City of champions. To close, here’s a link to an article J-Bro did on Molten Lava in our Feb. 23 issue.  And here’s video from last February of the band performing “Night Danger” and “Shred Life”.