Some free dance is on offer in Regina tomorrow and Saturday night at 8 p.m. at the Central Library’s Dunlop Art Gallery. The performance is co-organized with New Dance Horizons, and will feature two works.

The first is by Montreal dancers Rober Racine and Louise Bedard, and is called La Souer de Salomé. As you can likely tell from the title, and the adjacent photo, the dance work is inspired by the Biblical story of Salome who played a key role in the beheading of the Christian prophet John the Baptist. John had pissed off King Herod by dissing him for marrying his bro Phillip’s former old lady Herodias (Salone’s mom) in violation of Old Testament Law. I’m not sure how Salome’s sister figures into it, but regardless that’s the overarching theme of this performance.

The second work is called Cleaver Piece and it will be performed by Winnipeg artist Ming Hon. As the title of that work (and adjacent photo) implies, it involves Hon wielding a cleaver and exploring the realm of the butcher and meat production in our society.

Finally, opening tonight at Globe Theatre as part of the Sandbox Series is House of Three. It features Fran Gilboy, Misty Wensel and Heather Cameron from the local experimental dance troupe FadaDance, who will perform a tale about three lovelorn and wacky maidens. House of Three goes at the Globe April 19-28. For ticket info call 525-6400.