Pick of the Day (Tomorrow Edition): General Fools Festival

No guarantee that tickets for this fourth annual improv festival are still available. In past years, the festival has tended to sell-out, and the Artesian only seats 185. But if you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, it’s definitely worth your time to look into purchasing either a festival pass or ducats to the individual shows that are being held.

Joining the¬†Regina-based General Fools in this improv extravaganza, which runs June 6-9, are three other companies: The Sunday Service (Vancouver), Rapid Fire Theatre (Edmonton), and all the way from Hotlanta, GA, Dad’s Garage Theater.

Joining the four troupes as a special guest is award-winning improviser Jan Caruana (pictured above) from Toronto. 

To give you a taste of what the festival’s like, here’s video of an appearance that the General Fool’s made on the home turf of Dad’s Garage Theater in 2007. For more info on the festival visit www.generalfools.com

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. Thanks for the pick Greg! Tickets are still available, goto generalfools.com to get’em!

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