Pick of the Day (Tomorrow Edition): Bryan Adams

The accompanying photo is from a show Canuck icon Bryan Adams did earlier this year at Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

Tomorrow, Adams will be be taking the stage at Brandt Centre for an 8 p.m. show. As an added inducement to pick up tickets (which will run you between $20-$95), you’ll also receive free admission to the Farm Progress Show which is on at Evraz Place until June 22.

So all in all, not a bad deal. You get to suss out the latest in dryland farming technology, and rock out to one of the country’s most successful international musicians.

To close, here’s the video for Adams’ 1996 single “The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me is You”.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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12 thoughts on “Pick of the Day (Tomorrow Edition): Bryan Adams”

  1. I admire him because he think he lived his post-rock star life right: reclusive, yet likely indulgent, jet-setting between Hawaii and London, hosting lavish parties, coming out every 5 years to earn another 10 million. Sweet.

  2. …a Blow Up-style photography career, having his way with beautiful young models, etc.

  3. I know two people who’ve met him. One says he’s a total, adorable sweetheart, the other says he’s a hyooooge jerk. I hold both person’s opinions in high esteem so the only POSSIBLE conclusion is that Bryan Adams sometimes drinks a potion that turns him into a Robert Louis Stevenson character.

  4. The Summer of ’69 video reminds me more of what I’ve heard about the Summer of ’76, or ’82. On the other hand, I saw a bunch of 30-40-something farmers going into the Progress Show yesterday and they all looked like good ole boys from that video, too.

  5. Uh, Ron, what happened to the comment-reference corrections you so generously gave us the other day?

  6. #10
    Hi Barb. Can you refer me back to that comment, so I can comment on yer current comment?


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