If I said this was a delegation of Japanese law-enforcement trainees in Regina to meet with their counterparts at the University of Regina Police College and test their skills in a friendly competition at Riddell Centre at 7 p.m., there’s probably a good number of Reginans who might believe me.

They might even contemplate making their way down to Riddell Centre to take in the competition. If they did, though, they’d be sorely disappointed. Still, it would be funny. You got three Canadian bands set to rock out, and a bunch of young kids hanging out, and someone approaches the door and asks if this is where the police competition with the Japanese is being held.

But then they’d be pissed at me — just like that guy who believed the movie listing I did back in 2005 for The Family Stone — the lame-ass comedy drama that starred a pile of semi-famous actors — saying it was a biopic about Sly & the Family Stone. Being a fan of the classic funk rockers, he fell for it hook, line and sinker (to the point of heading to the theatre to see it),  and then wrote a letter to the editor to complain.

To avoid that from happening again here’s a link to something that reveals the true nature of “Tokyo Police Club”. Said the Whale and Dinosaur Bones are also on the bill.

And at the Exchange tomorrow night it’s metal mayhem with headliners Death Angel backed up by Kelevra and Blood Work.