Pick Of The Day: Toboggan Island

Founded in 2007, Sled Island is an indie arts festival that runs each June in Calgary. Blending local, national and international talent, it serves as a great showcase for indie music, film, visual art at 30 plus venues in the city.

What does this have to do with Regina in general, and this Dog Blog pick-of-the-day in particular? Well, Sled Island runs June 20-23 this year. And with bands heading to Calgary from parts east and south of here, enterprising local promoters are hosting a mini-music festival of their own featuring some Calgary-bound acts and some local bands that will also be making the trek  to Cowtown which they’ve cheekily called Toboggan Island.

Shows will be held today at the SCES Club and Exchange and also at 11 Hooks Studio at 1422 Scarth St. Here’s how the line-up breaks down: Code Orange Kids, La Luna, Monomyth, Wizards, Birch Hills and Nap Eyes at 1422 Scarth St. at 5 p.m. Rehashed, White Women, Severed Legion, Bermuda Love, Lords Kitchner and FPG at SCES Club at 8 p.m. Burning Love, Weak Ends, the Faps, the Jump Off, Black Thunder and Pandas in Japan at the Exchange at 8 p.m.

To close, here’s the video for a 2012 song by the Pittsburgh hardcore band Code Orange Kids called “Flowermouth (The Leech)”:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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6 thoughts on “Pick Of The Day: Toboggan Island”

  1. #yqr’s so called “city planner” should be fired. No transit exchange DT ? WTF ??
    I hate going DT anyway, If I can avoid it, I don’t go there. DT #yqr is a hole,O’hans can provide some bands some nights of quantitative desires otherwise I avoid DT #yqr boring & 0 shit going on most of the year.

  2. That is how most ppl feel about it. I couldn’t help it, but I lost the remainder of my love for DT Regina when the Novia closed. Not even walking around the Bay is fun anymore.

  3. “most ppl”, indeed. Speak for yourself, TFJ.

    Frankly, I think that 2 fewer sourpusses downtown is a bonus.

  4. I think “most ppl’ covers it. Downtown is a disaster and an area to be avoided, but wait, the C/R has helped this. All access has been shut down. Idiots.

  5. Good question. The comments are so weirdly off-topic I suspect a glitch may be afoot.

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