Music aside, there’s another reason why this gig by the Sumner Brothers is my pick-of-the-day. Backing them up is the local country folk band Black Drink Crier fronted by Cam Wensel who, in collaboration with the Lazy MKs, are releasing their debut EP Porch Fire this month. So yes, it’s a damn fine show.

But what makes it extra special is that its being held at Creative City Centre. That may ring a bell with some Reginans, but for most it probably doesn’t. We’ve written about it a bit over the past few years. It’s the arts incubator located on the second and third floor above Loggie’s Shoes (1843 Hamilton St.) that Marian Donnelly’s been working to bring together.

Well, after a long and sometimes tortuous road, Donnelly’s dream is about to be realized. Tonight is the first of what will hopefully be many shows that will be held there in a third-floor performance space. Black Drink Crier should hit the stage around 8 p.m. It’s all-ages, although the approximately 60-seat venue is licensed. Tickets are $10.

Friday, there’s a grand opening party that will feature a reception for Mr. Johnson’s Belief Continuum by visual artists Katherine Boyer and Teiji Wallace-Lewis, a printmaking demo by Articulate Ink and music by funk-soul band Fur Eel. Admission is by donation, with the goal of raising money to help pay for all the renovations.

Saturday at 8 p.m., its the Carrie Catherine Trio from Saskatoon. They’re being backed up by Nathan & Jeff . Tickets for that show are $15.

Sunday night, its Lis Soderberg. Soderberg is a long-time member of the group Jeans ‘n’ Classics that guests  with symphony orchestras to spice up their programs a bit and attract a younger audience. In 2010, she released a solo CD called Refuge. Tickets are $15.

Every third Thursday Donnelly is hosting a Happy Hour to facilitate the development of an Arts & Business Network in Regina that will bring artists together with local entrepreneurs and business people. The first one happens May 19 from 5-8 p.m.

Creative City Centre is much more than a performance venue. In our May 19 issue we’ll have a news article on Donnelly and her vision of Creative City moving forward and what it could mean to Regina. As it happens, May 19 is our Local Music issue. Belle Plaine (pictured at right, performing at the May 9 press conference) is on the cover. And May 24-25, she’s releasing an CD at Creative City in a co-headliner gig with Dave Lang.

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