Pick Of The Day: The Rural Alberta Advantage

The Toronto-based indie rock band is in this neck of the woods backing up The Tragically Hip on their cross-Canada tour. The last time they were in town, I believe, was last November when they backed up Dan Mangan at a Regina Folk Festival concert at Knox Met Church. Tonight, they’re squeezing in a show at the Exchange between gigs with the Hip in Saskatoon and Estevan. Backing them up tonight will be the Winnipeg indie folk group Eagle Lake Owls.

To give you a sense of what RAA are like here’s video of them performing “Stamp” off their 2011 album Departing:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. Wow, is it just me or is there no promotion in this town? I had no idea about this till now, which is often the case.

  2. Pssst Talbot: it’s in the current Prairie Dog listings and it’s in the Exchange’s Prairie Dog ad.

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