Pick Of The Day: The Passionate Muse

Pauline_Viardot-Garcia_3Presented by the Regina Musical Club, this performance mixes music and theatre to explore the life and times of Pauline Viardot-Garcia (pictured). Born in Paris in 1821 to a Spanish family, Pauline was tutored by her father, a professional opera singer, from a young age. As a teenager she attracted acclaim for her talent as a concert pianist (at one point she studied with Franz List), singer and composer. Later, she became a friend and confidante of French novelist George Sand and her lover Frederic Chopin.

Pauline lived to the ripe old age of 88, so there’s certainly no shortage of dramatic angles to pursue in exploring her life and work. This production features¬†Elisabeth Wagner (mezzo-soprano), Susie Mullen (actor) and Charlotte Hale (piano). It goes at University Theatre at 2 p.m. Tickets are Adults $25, Students and Seniors $20, Children $5, and U of R Students are admitted free with ID.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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