With its Shumiatcher Pops Series, the Regina Symphony Orchestra presents a range of projects. In October, it was a screening of Charlie Chaplin’s silent comedy classic The Gold Rush with the RSO providing the musical score. It’s also collaborated with local rock and pop musicians like Jason Plumb and Jeffery Straker.

Tonight it’s presenting a costumed/choreographed version of Franz Lehar’s 1905 comedic operetta The Merry Widow. It sees a group villagers hatch a scheme to marry off a wealthy widow to a man in their community to avoid having her (or more accurately, her money) leave the area. Joining the RSO tonight will be actors/singers Uriarte Berry, Nat Chandler, Jason Graae, Teri Dale Hansen and Eric Van Hoventhe.

The Merry Widow goes at Conexus Arts Centre at 8 p.m. To close, here’s an excerpt from a lavish production mounted in Maastricht in 2013: