Pick Of The Day: The Huron Carole

Started by First Nations actor and entertainer Tom Jackson in the late 1980s, this concert has grown into a holiday tradition in many communities across Canada. In addition to celebrating the seasonal spirit, the show also serves as a vehicle for raising money for food banks in the communities where Jackson and his troupe entertain.

Guest artists for this year’s Huron CaroleĀ are George Canyon, Beverley Mahood, One More Girl and Shannon Gaye. The concert goes tonight at Conexus Arts Centre at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are $42-$92. Again, proceeds go to support local food banks. And to give you a taste of the talent that will be on display here’s the video for the song “Maybe” by One More Girl (a B.C. duo composed of sisters Britt and Carly McKillop):

Author: Gregory Beatty

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