This exhibition is on at the MacKenzie Art Gallery until April 21. It features work by faculty members from the University of Regina and the First Nations University of Canada’s Fine Arts Departments.

The number of faculty represented in the show is 25, so the range of art on display is pretty broad (the work pictured above is by Risa Horowitz and is called Imaging Saturn). But the general theme, as reflected in the title, relates to synethetic aspects of modern life like GMO crops and virtual reality, along with the idea of universities being places where people from different academic disciplines accumulate and share information and synthesize it into a body of knowledge that can be built on as we move forward into the future.

That used to be the traditional role of universities, anyway. Although as budgets are cut and programs reviewed it seems that a segment of our society is keen to transform them into simple training facilties where knowledge takes a back seat to marketable job skills.

Tonight at 7:30 p.m. there’s an opening reception for The Synthetic Age at the MacKenzie that will also  include a performance by New Dance Horizon’s artistic director Robin Poitras called wolf tone.