Pick of the Day: Summer Invasion

I’m writing this post on May 28. It’s noon on the dot, as a matter of fact. It rained all day yesterday, and rain is in the forecast again today. It’s 10 degrees C with a wind out of the north at 24 klicks, and we’re supposed to reach a high of 13 before dropping to plus 1 tonight.

I assume by the time this annual Xtreme Sports extravaganza, which runs today through Sunday at Wascana Centre, goes down things will have warmed up. If they haven’t, organizers always have the option of tweaking the schedule  a bit. Instead of wakeboarding, for example, they could have a snowboarding competition.

To get more up-to-date info visit www.summerinvasion.ca

As far as the musical component of the festival goes, tonight at 7 p.m. there’s a concert by Bedouin Soundclash with These Kids Wear Crowns. Tomorrow night,  Stereos are headlining. Finally, on Sunday, Fefe Dobson (pictured) is performing with that show starting at 6 p.m.

To close, here’s the video for Fefe Dobson’s 2010 song “Stuttering”.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. On the other hand, why not check out the Fringe Festival while you’re in the area!
    Granted, you are “on your own” if you’re reading this article, but rest assured that when you come to 13th Ave you will be surrounded by groups of amazing, friendly people just itching to entertain you! :D


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