As much as I like the idea of this series on the Scarth Street Mall, I have to say that the acoustics are not conducive to an overly enjoyable musical experience. Once the plaza by Victoria Park is completed next summer I assume some thought will be put into shifting the concerts to the stage that’s supposed to be installed there.

Scarth Street Mall, at present, is kind of a concrete canyon. Which isn’t a dis against it. On a pleasant day in the spring/summer/fall it’s a great place to hang-out. But because of the echo effect, bands that play there often come off as sounding too loud and that drives people away.

I’m no sound engineer, but I imagine the more bodies that are on the mall, the better the sound will be for this gig by Rah Rah (pictured) at noon. Great capper to week of music that began last Friday when the Regina Folk Festival kicked off.

I was hosting 10 family members who were in town from Quebec City and Victoria for a visit, so I was too busy to blog on the festival like James, Craig, Laura and Kim did. But I caught a good chunk of the main stage stuff at night with various family members in tow and enjoyed it thoroughly. Great weather, tremendous performances from the likes of Arrested Development, Sarah Harmer, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Calexico, an overall warm and friendly community vibe made it a weekend to remember.