Pick of the Day: Songwriter Sunday

This event has been going on for a few months at Creative City Centre (1843 Hamilton St.) What usually happens is three or four local musicians are recruited to talk informally about their song-writing process and perform together as part of a song-writing circle. Then later on the floor is opened up to anyone who wants to perform. If that’s of interest to you, you’re requested to please bring your own instrument. There’s a $5 drop-in fee at the door, and the event is licensed in case you need a bit of liquid courage to climb on stage and showcase your chops.

The show gets going at 8 p.m., and tonight’s songwriters are: Marshall Burns (RahRah, The Lonesome Weekends), Cameron Wensel (Black Drink Crier), Carl Johnson (Library Voices) and Devon Floyd (The Lonesome Weekends).

Author: Gregory Beatty

Greg Beatty is a crime-fighting shapeshifter who hatched from a mutagenic egg many decades ago. He likes sunny days, puppies and antique shoes. His favourite colour is not visible to your inferior human eyes. He refuses to write a bio for this website and if that means Whitworth writes one for him, so be it.

12 thoughts on “Pick of the Day: Songwriter Sunday”

  1. N’er did we think we’d see the day
    When art was so abused;
    Rank amateurs? Upon the stage?
    Fie! We are not amused!

  2. Abused, are ye? Not amused, then, Will?
    Thou be’est a juggler of Satan! The blackest of hounds!

  3. You wound me, Nell,
    With epithets,
    My words you blur and muddy;
    I bear no grudge
    ‘Gainst common men,
    T’is just, I long for Cuddy!

  4. Thy ‘poppet’ shall not stand for a smidgen more of this pluck and sauciness, Will. Begone, I say. Begone!

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