Pick of the Day: Sloan

Breakout West goes Sept. 27-30 in Regina. It’s a showcase of music from the four western Canadian provinces, along with the Yukon. In addition to all the bands that will be performing, and all the workshops that will be held, the Western Canadian Music Awards will also be doled out at a gala at Casino Regina Show Lounge on Sept. 30.

If the WCMAs had a category for most incongruous pairing of a venue and a musical artist, tonight’s gig by Halifax indie pop legends Sloan would definitely be in the running. That’s because it goes at that bastion of urban cowpoke culture the Pump Roadhouse. Doors are at 7 p.m., and tickets are $24.

To whet your appetite, here’s the video for Sloan’s first big single “Underwhelmed” off their 1992 debut album Smeared:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. About 400ppl there that weren’t dead. Fuckin balls in the box preformance!
    best Regina Bar show in years.

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