Pick of the Day: Sepultura

Big multi-national metal show at the Exchange tonight featuring Sepultura with Nevermore, Hate, Keep of Kalessin, Neuraxis and Bonded By Blood.

The headliners hail from Brazil, while Nevermore and Bonded By Blood are from Seattle and San Francisco respectively. Hate is from Poland, Keep of Kalessin is from Norway and Neuraxis is from Montreal.

In our May 19 issue Danny Kresnyak did a short piece on Sepultura. Here’s a link (scroll down). And here’s the video for the band’s 2007 song “Roots Bloody Roots”.

Meanwhile, at O’Hanlon’s Pub tonight Regina-based hip hop artist Def 3 is headlining a show.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. Wow, Regina sure has been getting a lot of metal, cheese rock, and artists that were “really big when Greg Beatty was in high school.” Don’t forget Rae Spoon, Saturday night! Artesian!

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