Pick of the Day: Donny & the Moondogs Memorial

A couple of weeks ago Don Ramsay, the former frontman of Donny & the Moondogs, died at his home in Vancouver, the victim of a tragic act of violence allegedly committed by his mentally ill son. His wife Wendy was badly injured in the same attack. Here’s a link to the initial post.

Don, along with the rest of the Moondogs, was a long-time presence on the Regina music scene. Today at the Exchange, family, friends, colleagues and fans will gather to celebrate his life and his love of music. The event gets going with a jam at 4 p.m. and will run into the evening. And the Grey Cup will be on next door in the Club, so you’ll be able to check in on the game too if you’re so inclined.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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7 thoughts on “Pick of the Day: Donny & the Moondogs Memorial”

  1. I knew Don briefly in the late 1980s. He did a story for the Carillon about security racial profiling aboriginal people who were hanging out at the Cornwall Centre food court. At the time, he was in the J-school but he wasn’t too thrilled about going into that business. I found a video of his band circa 1993 on YouTube, and it looked like he had discovered his passion. He was a warm and gentle soul, and it’s really hard to read what happened to him.
    Peace to his family.

  2. Yes, music was his passion and the outpouring of love from the Regina music scene is overwhelming. Much love brother.

  3. I found out just now and I am in shock… Every time someone mentions Regina I still ask if they’ve seen Donny and the Moondogs play… I have many fond memories of Don and Wendy, sittin in his basement, talkin music and hangin out… then I’d walk home late (& tipsy!) on many occasions! Playing keyboard with him at gigs at the Plains and other venues.. and the laughs we had when he played in our Dinner Theater shows with Dan McDonald and others… My heart goes out to Wendy and the family, my sincerest condolences. Ah Donny… now you’re jammin the blues with the big guys… I’ll never forget ya dude.

  4. I’m sorry that you couldn’t have been at his memorial Henry. There was a lot of love and great music in the room. Facebook. Moondog memorial.

  5. I am so sorry i only found this now.
    I was a bartender at Bart’s when Donny first started Sunday night staff nights, then the Monday night jams from 96-2001 before I got done school and left.
    Don was a special friend I got to know after hours with the other band mates and I think about those Bart’s days very fondly.
    I was just seeing what he was up to when I found this. My deepest condolences to Wendy and the family. He was truly a great person and musician. I am very very saddened by finding this out.
    RIP Don, I’ll always remember the musical lineup you played at Bart;s while I worked sponsered by visine and doritos.
    Please make sure no country music is playing is heaven my brother from a different mother…we’ll see you there some day.
    Old Bart’s Bartender

  6. I worked with Don and Wendy in Saskatoon as their Real Estate Agent. I helped them sell their home so they could head out west. I only knew them for about a year but I could see his passion for his music when he talked about it. Wendy and Don had a great energy together and I really enjoyed getting to know them. I think about Don often and I really hope Wendy is doing well. I don’t have any contact info for her but please pass on my thoughts to her.

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