This is the 14th annual edition of this popular New Dance Horizons’ fundraiser. The theme this year is The Rapture of Flora in which the creative energy that people invest in gardening is celebrated.

In addition to the 11 private gardens on the ticketed tour, there are two free performances.

Tonight from 7:30-8 p.m., Alice in the Sunken Garden is being held at Central Library. It’s being co-presented by the Dunlop Art Gallery, and involves a prairie reworking of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale with Robin Poitras, Katrina Bray, Antonio Ramirez-Ortega (pictured above),  Michele Sereda and composer Jeff Morton.

The second free event is called Under the Stars. It goes Saturday night from 7:30-10 p.m. at Yara-Grow Regina Community Gardens (3500 Queen St.), and will include performances by Johanna Bundon, Blair Fornwald, Ramses Calderon, Chrisandra, Antonio Ramirez- Ortega, Chancz Perry, Laura Pettigrew, Robin Poitras, David Sereda, Michele Sereda, Tara Solheim and Linda Yablonski, along with free salsa lessons.

Secret Gardens itself runs July 15-17. Tickets are $40. For more info call 525-5393.