This Xtreme sports and music festival typically happens in early July. This year, though, it got switched to the last weekend in August. The format is still the same, with free day-time sports stuff happening in Wascana Centre on Saturday and Sunday and ticketed concerts tonight and Saturday night starting at 6 p.m.

Headlining tonight’s show is Monster Truck with Dragonette, Bleeker Ridge, Sound Society and Fly Points also on the bill. Tickets are $35, or $59 for weekend pass. Then on Saturday Down With Webster is headlining with Swollen Members, Halfway to Hollywood, Def 3, Prop Planes and Hours also on the bill.

For more info visit the Summer Invasion website. And to get you in the mood to party, here’s the video for Dragonette’s song “Live In This City” off their 2012 albumĀ Bodyparts: