Pick of the Day: Robert Munsch

Children’s literature has come along way since I was a kid and Dick and Jane books (pictured) were as good as it got. Not quite, of course, as there was also the Dr. Seuss books, Encyclopedia Brown, the Hardy Boy and Nancy Drew Series and a host of classics like Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Mother Goose’s Nursey Rhymes and Alice in Wonderland.

Nowadays, there’s a whole pile of writers who specialize in kid-lit. Robert Munsch definitely deserves a spot at the top of that list. According to recent  news reports, he’s experienced some health problems lately related to cocaine abuse. Hopefully those are behind him now. Tonight, he’s at Conexus  Arts Centre, 6:30 p.m. $20.

Here’s the intro to an early ’90s TV show called Bunch of Munch that featured animated versions of his stories. (YouTube)

Author: Gregory Beatty

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