Pick of the Day: Riders vs. Stamps

Hmmm. Uh … yeah. Right. Okay. Riders against Stampeders. A month or so ago this loomed as a potential first-place showdown. Not any more though. Not with the Stamps sitting at 9-1, and the Riders mired in a slump at 6-4.

After last week’s debacle in Winnipeg, the Riders cut receiver Prechae Rodriguez and put kick returner Dominique Dorsey on the nine-game injury list. Another weakness that needs to be addressed is the Riders aging O-line. For several games now, QB Darian Durant has been subjected to relentless pressure. As a result, his proficiency rating has plummetted and the Rider offense, thought to the strength of the team heading into the season, has stalled. Some fans have even started to call for the dismissal of offensive coordinator Doug Berry. Special teams coach Jim Daley is on the hot seat too, and Rider GM Brendan Taman has also come in for criticism for team’s lacklustre showing.

Assuming the Riders don’t totally implode, they should be able to win enough games to finish second in the CFL West. That would give them a still much-covetted home play-off game — possibly against an East Division opponent. But at this stage, the Riders don’t look like they have the horses (pun intended) to match the Stampeders. Still, they remain undefeated at home. It’s hard to see them winning this game, but if they at least show they can compete with Calgary they’ll have taken a step toward turning their season around.

Game time at Mosaic Stadium is  7 p.m. It’s a sell-out, so it will be broadcast on TSN.

Musicwise, Against Me are headlining a show at Riddell Centre with the Flatliners and Young Livers. Doors for the all-ages gig are at 7 p.m. Tix are $27. Also, Molten Lava are playing with Black Mastiff at O’Hanlon’s Pub.

To close, here’s video of Against Me performing their song “I Was a Teenage Anarchist”

Author: Gregory Beatty

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2 thoughts on “Pick of the Day: Riders vs. Stamps”

  1. This game is the real wake-up call. While it is true that there is still time to get things corrected before the real season starts, this is the game that is going to make the difference psychologically for the team and the fans. A win here would be huge, a close game would at least show signs of hope, but another spanking will be the end, likely leading to humiliating ourselves by losing at home to Winnipeg in the Western Semi-Final.

  2. I didn’t listen to hardly any of the game. I did some work, then watched the Woody Harreleson superhero vehicle Defendor. But I live downtown so I can sort of follow the game through crowd noize and the fireworks the Riders set off after they score a TD. So I knew it was close. Tuned in to the radio (oh, I should probably explain, I don’t have TV) with under a minute left. Durant had just made the big run. Then instead of kicking the field goal the Riders elected to punt. Outcome aside in OT, that was a brutal decision.

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