Pick of the Day: Regina Rage vs. Toronto Triumph

After months of fevered anticipation (in some quarters anyway), Regina’s entry in the new LFL Canada makes its home debut with a game against the Toronto Triumph tonight at  Brandt Centre (game time is 8 p.m.)

In its inaugural game in the new loop, the Rage dropped a 41-18 decision to the B.C. Angels in Abbotsford on Aug. 25 in front of 2500 fans.  Unlike the Rage, the Triumph already have a season of LFL ball under their [garter]  belts, having played a four-game sked against teams in Tampa, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Orlando in 2011. So the Rage could be in tough tonight and will doubtlessly be hoping for a sizeable turn-on — I mean, turn-out — of fans to cheer them on to victory.

If you want to check out the LFL action, you better not be a laggard, as the Rage play only one other home game this year — that’s on Oct. 21 when the Saskatoon Sirens are in town.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. Sooooo….if I go to watch, it’s likely a woman’s breast will be completely exposed during a tackle, right?

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