Yeah, I know the Stampeder-Alouette game is on today. But it’s an 11 a.m. start. That gives you plenty of time to stop by the MacKenzie Gallery and check out this National Gallery-organized exhibition which pairs the work of London-based Aussie sculptor Ron Mueck and Israeli artist Guy Ben-Ner.

That’s one of Mueck’s way-larger-than-life-size sculptures to the left. Ben-Ner’s work is a little more understated,  but no less spectacular in its examination of fundamental components of life.

To the left is a still from one of Ben-Ner’s brilliant IKEA videos where he enlists family members to act out different domestic scenarios while wandering through one of the Swedish company’s Yuppie friendly stores.

One final point I’d like to make. When this show was at the Oakville Art Gallery not all of Mueck’s stuff could be shown because the gallery didn’t have a big enough loading dock. In media accounts, a National Gallery technician in town to help install the exhibit said the MacKenzie had one of the best loading docks in Canada.

See, when you invest in cultural infrastructure, good things happen.