Pick Of The Day: Queen City Ex

The fair kicks off today and runs until Aug. 4. In addition to the midway rides and fair food (most of it on a stick) feature attractions include Shrek Live, Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, Giant Flea Circus and Splash ‘n’ Boots. As far as grandstand performers go, here’s a breakdown: tonight it was supposed to be hip hop artist Classified. But that got cancelled late last week so the indie rock band Walk Off The Earth has stepped in to fill the void. Thursday, Three Days Grace will grace the stage. Friday, it’s a blast from the past with Loverboy. Saturday, the plan is to have Simple Plan entertain the throngs. Then to close the week out, it’s country sensation Rodney Atkins.

For a more detailed take on what will be happening visit the QC Ex website. And to close, here’s the video for Simple Plan’s latest single “Summer Paradise”:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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