Pick Of The Day: Paul McCartney

As a founding member of the most famous rock band in history the Beatles, which he followed up with a solid four decade (and counting) solo career, Paul McCartney needs no introduction. Tonight he’s in town to play a sold-out show before 40,000 plus at Mosaic Stadium (8 p.m. start time).

If you have tickets to the show, hope you have a great time. If you don’t, but you live in the vicinity of Mosaic Stadium, you should be able to enjoy the show from the comfort of your front step if you’re so inclined.

There’s only about a billion McCartney videos/songs to chose from on YouTube. So to get everyone in the mood here’s one from a few years ago of McCartney and his band performing “The Long and Winding Road”:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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4 thoughts on “Pick Of The Day: Paul McCartney”

  1. Has it been sold out? Dubious claims, like when Bubba B The MC introduced Hayden as the winner of “just so many awards,” to which Hayden replied, “I’ve never won a single award in my entire life.” Because I heard tickets were going for cheap, Yesterday, and online they were available yesterday. Plus, there are loads on StubHub.

    Hype never really did build for this show. “Sold Out”, sure, when corporate sponsors buy up the 1000s of remaining tickets to give away to help avoid a huge embarrassment.

    Check StubHub yo!

  2. Me: Proud owner of two great tickets, Row 2, Seats 3 & 4, farthest-away stands as possible but still wonderful at $20/each. Stubhub.

  3. Tickets on Stubhub are technically counted as sold though, correct? It’s basically online legal scalping.

  4. I have special seats behind the stage. See you on the sidewalk behind the stadium. I’ll have an umbrella and a fast food veggie burger, unlike the poor souls who paid to have their bags searched, and outside food and water taken away.

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