Pick of the Day: Library Voices

When we ran an on-line poll a month or so ago asking readers who should review the latest CD by these Regina pop rock stalwarts we detected in some of the responses a degree of hostility toward the band. Here’s a link to the review that was eventually written. Now, if you notice, they’re on the cover of our Sept. 22 issue. Their music might not be to everyone’s taste. But one thing you can’t deny is that they’re a hard-working band who have managed to garner some pretty decent critical and commercial attention outside the province.

Having toured western Canada, the band hits its hometown tonight for a show at the Exchange with We Are the City and Sun Wizard. After this show, they’ll head south of the border for shows in Minneapolis, Chicago, Cleveland, Brooklyn and Boston before returning north for dates in central Canada and the Maritimes.

To close, here’s a link to a post James did awhile back featuring the video for “Traveller’s Digest” off Summer of Lust.

And if you’re looking for something to do earlier in the day, there’s an open house at the CBC Building on Broad near College to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the public broadcaster. They’ll be all sorts of local media celebrities there, and all sorts of entertainment and family-friendly activities. The open house runs from noon to 5 p.m. Here’s a link to CBC’s website where you’ll find a schedule of events.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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15 thoughts on “Pick of the Day: Library Voices”

  1. Seriously, the pick of the day. Aren’t they the Prairie Dog pick of everyday???
    Sincerely, getting a bit tired of it.

  2. You’ve got us, Anonymous. Greg writes a Pick Of The Day every single day and it’s always Library Voices. In fact, there are 2,964 posts on this blog and they’re ALL about Library Voices. In the print paper, we cover music and review CDs every issue and looking back, every single music article is about Library Voices. Until your insightful post anonymous, I didn’t realize there’s nothing to read on this blog, website or in the actual paper about anything except Library Voices. Boy is my face red.

    Guess we’ll cancel plans to put Library Voices on the cover of next week’s paper, too.

    p.s. It’s their local CD launch AND they’re on the current cover. It would be stupid for Library Voices NOT to be our pick of the day. Jeez, people.

  3. Jeez Stephen,

    You guys love them more than the rest, you know it and we know it. The denying of it is getting really annoying. We don’t all love them quite as much, just deal with it. A quick search of this site gives me ~800 results for Library Voices and yet only ~90 for Rah Rah and even less for a band like Hot Blood Bombers (~30). As I write this I am being asked if I think Carl Johnson could beat William Shatner in a fight! No, no he couldn’t. Just because they are a band from Regina doesn’t mean that we all have to like the elementary school music band class sound they produce. If you aren’t interested in our opinions don’t keep asking for it.

    Sincerely, even more tired of it than earlier

  4. if other bands want as much coverage as Library Voices gets, other bands should do as much coverage-worthy shit (shows, tours, videos, singles, albums, awards) as Library Voices does.

  5. Just to clarify anonymous, the 800 hits you speak of for Library Voices include every post on every subject that has been done during the time that the Kumite Number One poll has been up. Because Carl Johnson (Library Voices) is one of the contestants in the poll it registers as a hit for Library Voices even though the actual post invariably had nothing to do with Library Voices. There was also an earlier poll about who should review the Library Voices CD, so again every post done during the time that poll was up registers as a hit for Library Voices

    I did a search of our actual posts and got 37 hits for Library Voices. Keep in mind too that some of those posts likely entail just an incidental mention of the band in some broader context related to the local music scene. I would also point out that the other two Regina bands you mention, Rah Rah and the now defunct Hot Blood Bombers, have been featured on our cover in the past.

  6. Emmet beat me to it. Exactly what he said. When bands put out music that PD’s writers like AND they act like professionals and work and tour their asses off to make a career of music we take them seriously. As for Hot Blood Bombers, they’re broken up. Too bad. Would’ve loved to do more on them. We used their song “cold city” in a TV commercial a few years ago. Rah Rah, from what I hear, are busy little bees right now (did you know they’ve been on the cover three time too?) and you can expect more coverage of them in the future.

  7. Yeah, I don’t know, guys. Anonymous may be on to something. I don’t know if you noticed, but the one time Steve hosted the podcast (which is really just a biweekly promotion for the Lazy MKs… who are awesome, btw) it wound up being 33% about Library Voices.

    Can you say, “mancrush”?

  8. So, someone from Regina becomes successful, and Regina rolls their eyes at them and moans.

    Someone I know dislikes LV because they think it’s unfair that bands that are good at marketing have become more successful than a younger band that doesn’t know as much about marketing and doesn’t have the same contacts (specifically: Rah Rah).

    C’mon Regina. Stop trying to drag your brothers and sisters down, and start thinking about how the success of one can help the rest. Local bands doing well helps everyone in our arts community.

    And other local bands, if they want the same kind of success, should be meeting with LV and taking notes.

  9. Love the backlash before they’ve even made it big.

    No problem with the amount of coverage, bands that market themselves and make an effort should receive the benefits of that.

    More critical analysis of their music itself would be appreciated.

  10. Anonymous, if that’s your real name…

    Of course Library Voices are going to get lots of coverage. Regina has lots of amazing bands/artists (The Bystanders, Black Drink Crier, Chad Kichula, Dustin Ritter Band, Fur Eel, Belle Plain, Indigo Joseph, etc etc) but Library Voices and Rah Rah are the two bands that are on the cusp of really breaking.

    Regina ain’t exactly Toronto in terms of the size of market, so it doesn’t take much to oversaturate the market. But Regina is small enough where if bands want more exposure, it really doesn’t take much to get a write-up in the Prairie Dog, Leader Post or SPUN (shameless plug, hehehe).

    As for the PD not being critical enough of Library Voices, I think the PD are justified in their praise because the band know how to write great songs. Pure and simple. They may not have the musical chops of anyone in Rush, but I’d rather hear a good tune than someone jerking off with their instrument. “Step Off The Map And Float”, “Drinking Games” and “Generation Handclap” are some pretty fantastic pop-rock tunes. Plus, the band knows how to put on a killer live show.

    Any scene will have its one or two flagship bands. And those bands will naturally get more coverage than others.

  11. pretentious, mediocre band…pretentious, mediocre news pamphlet. the math checks out.

  12. It’s easier to criticize other people’s efforts than to make any effort yourself. I applaud Library Voices for the success they’ve earned, and to Regina’s credit, there are several musicians that have found national success; Jeffery Straker, namedrop, etc…

    Rah Rah is endearing. They are happy to be performing, so they are a joy to watch. You naturally want to cheer for their success. I find “LV” a little irritating and I personally don’t really enjoy their music, so I can understand how someone of a similar opinion could easily become an anti-fan. But, good on ’em for getting off their duffs and creating something that a lot of people really enjoy.

  13. @12 Backlash against a band that’s earned success though talent, brains and hard work by a condescending, snooty commentator… hey, the math DOES work!

    @Ladeedah: I like Jeffrey Straker. We ought to do something on him sometime. That would be a good thing to harass us on.

  14. i would hardly consider my personal opinion to constitute the title of “backlash”, but hey, thanks.

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