Pick Of The Day: Leonard Cohen

This is a reboot of a March 9 concert that got postponed when band members came down with the flu. According to the website for the Old Ideas tour, which in addition to Cohen and his band also features the Webb Sisters, this is the last concert on the North American leg. When Cohen next takes the stage on the tour it will be in Paris on June 18.

The show goes at Brandt Centre at 8 p.m. Tickets range from $59.50-$145.50.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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4 thoughts on “Pick Of The Day: Leonard Cohen”

  1. stoked for this! even if he doesn’t play “don’t go home with your hard on” – and c’mon, if a 78 year old sang that, who wouldn’t swoon – it’ll be a most excellent evening! thanks for the show mr. cohen!

  2. I’d love to go to this, but it snuck up on me and I’m just slowly getting over the flu. Sorry Mr. Cohen. I did see you in Saskatoon. Maybe next time.

  3. I can’t wait to introduce some Leonard Cohen into my lovaaaaah’s life, tonight!

  4. ” Tickets range from $59.50-$145.50.” ?

    Front 7 rows were $275/seat… and I’m curious if those who paid $275 thought “the show ran too long”….

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