The weather forecast for the next week or so, last time I checked anyway, wasn’t that great, with rain predicted every day until Sept. 13. Given the current state of relations between organized labour in the province and the Sask Party government that’s perversely appropriate — for today, anyway. “Cloudy”, “cool”, “wet” are words that capture perfectly the disconnect between the government, with its pro-business agenda, and the working people of Saskatchewan who, in many ways, are being swamped by regressive legislation that’s dramatically altering the social contract that once existed between management and labour.

Hopefully, they’ll be more than a few rays of sunshine to brighten the mood of people who attend this Labour Day Family Picnic sponsored by the Regina & District Labour Council and the Saskatchewan Provincial Building & Construction Trades Council. It’s being held from noon to 4 p.m. today on the lawn west of the flower garden in front of the Legislature. Free food and drink will be provided, and there’ll be special entertainment for children.