So where did this veteran British prog-rock band get its name?

When band-leader Ian Anderson broke into the music biz in 1962, his first group, which was based in Blackpool, was called The Blades. After a few years, Anderson and his bandmates moved to London. Several line-up and name changes later, a member of their booking agent’s staff, who was apparently a history buff, suggested the name Jethro Tull after an 18th century English agriculturalist. In 1701, Tull invented a horse-drawn seed drill which enabled farmers to sow seeds in precise rows which greatly improved economic efficiency and yield. He was reportedly inspired to do so after observing how valves worked on a pipe organ at his church.

Tonight at 8 p.m., Jethro Tull is at Casino Regina. According to the casino website, the show is sold out, and the band will be showcasing its 1971 album Aqualung (LP cover pictured above). To close, here’s video of Jethro Tull performing the title track live in 2006.