Pick Of The Day: How To Make A Monster

Gill Man - Aug 2005If you’re a fan of SF/fantasy/monster movies you’ve almost certainly seen work by the Aussie-based John Cox Creature Workshop.  They’re experts at animatronics, which involves the design, creation and operation of live-action monsters and other unworldly creatures in film and TV shows.

Until Oct. 20 a touring exhibition highlighting the art, science and technology of what Cox and his colleagues do is on at the Saskatchewan Science Centre.  It’s an interactive display, so there’s plenty of opportunity for hands-on fun and exploration into the realm of animatronics.

You can find out more here.  And to sweeten the pot even further, unlike other touring exhibits that occasionally come to the Science Centre, How To Make A Monster doesn’t have an extra admission charge. So all you pay is the normal admission, which grants you access to this show along with all the other stuff normally on display at the Science Centre.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. Monsters/aliens typically have high metabolism, must be their genetics. Poor Jabba though.

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