Pick Of The Day: Hollerado

Based in Ottawa, this four piece rock band have been together since 2007. They have two full-lengths to their credit — Record In A Bag (2009) and White Paint (2013). Tonight, they’re in town to play a show at the Exchange that also includes the Vancouver prog rock duo The Zolas and the Toronto punk band Pup.

To give you a sense of what to expect here’s the video for Hollerado’s 2012 tune “Pick Me Up”:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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2 thoughts on “Pick Of The Day: Hollerado”

  1. Rah Rah is playing a show with Government Town at O’Hanlon’s tonight as well for anyone who won’t be out at official Grey Cup events.

  2. another cool non football activity this weekend-the Gates of Dawn Saturday and Sunday at Howards on Scarth street(formerly Deli Lama).

    non stop iconic covers!!!

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