As I recounted in my 14 Days Top Six for our March 7 print issue, I was pretty much in on the ground floor when it came to this band fronted by Ann and Nancy Wilson. Shortly after Heart’s debut album Dreamboat Annie was released in 1976, they played the old Saskatoon area as the back-up band to April Wine on their Whole World’s Going Crazy tour.

I lived in a town called Kindersley then which is about two hours west of Saskatoon on #7 highway. I’d caught April Wine on their Stand Back tour a year or two earlier and ended up getting tickets for this show too. April Wine were still a favourite band of mine, but the buzz around Dreamboat Annie was huge, so even though Heart was the opening act that night, a lot of people were pretty pumped to see them. I know I was.

Tonight Heart are in town to play a show at Conexus Arts Centre (7:30 p.m., tickets $86-$99.) To rekindle a few memories here’s video from 1977 of Heart performing “Crazy On You” live on Bert Sugarman’s Midnight Special TV show: