If you check out the cut-line for the story Stephen LaRose did on this movie (which plays at the RPL tonight at 7 p.m.) in the print version of our April 22 issue (here’s a link to the on-line story) you’ll see it reads: AWARD-WINNING AND DISTURBING The old men on this paper are very uncomfortable with this image. 

I don’t feel that way myself. Yeah, the girl does look pretty young. In the movie, in fact, she’s 15 And she’s definitely going through a Lolita phase where she’s exploring her sexual power.

But I know the actress who plays her. And I know she’s not 15. She’s not even 20. In fact, she’s almost 25. That’s still young. But not indecently young to be exploring her sexuality. 

Having said that, I saw Grown Up Movie Star Friday night and parts of it definitely were  discomforting. As Tatiana described it in the article, “Ruby is lonely and looking for attention, and she’s not getting it from her dad, so she’s getting attention the only way she knows how.”

When a girl/woman does that, it’s never an easy thing to watch. Because Lord knows, there’s no shortage of boys/men out there eager to take advantage. Here’s the trailer (YouTube)