Disney’s got some three fairy tale thing on at Brandt Centre which might be skating related or not, I don’t know. But I thought, screw that bullshit. I’m going to go with this live broadcast from New York at the Galaxy Theatre of the Metropolitan Opera’s production of Faust.

I’m not familiar with the composer (Gounod), but the legendary German character is well-known — mainly through Goethe’s 1832 story about a German scholar who surrenders his soul to the devil for access to a life of unlimited knowledge and pleasure — but also many other incarnations, including W.O. Mitchell’s The Black Bonspiel of Wullie McCrimmon which Globe Theatre presented this fall. In Gounod’s version, Faust is a philiosopher. And when it comes to opera, the Met definitely knows how to do it up right. And the broadcast is in HD too.

Show-time is at noon, I believe. For more info visit www.cineplex.com

And if you’re looking for something to do tonight, ex-Blue Rodeo member Bob Wiseman is at Artesian on 13th. He’s presenting a multi-media performance called Actionable that recounts some of the legal adventures he’s had in the music industry over his 20 plus years as a musician/provocateur. Show time is at 8 p.m., and tickets are $15 adv.